What Is A Pop-Up Wedding?

So what is a Pop-Up Wedding?

Going by it’s name, it’s quite literally a wedding that “pops up” or rather, a wedding that you, as an engaged couple, “pop” in to.

Pop-Up weddings are designed to be simple and quick. Unlike the typical weddings you see and attend, these ones don’t require months and months of planning on your part! The company or planner you hire takes care of all the details, so your big day is hassle-free.

Imagine showing up to the park you were engaged in, to find your friends and close family waiting for you. A temporary altar has been placed by a fountain, where an officiant stands. You are given a fresh bouquet of your favorite flowers, a photographer takes your photo, and the ceremony commences! And as you get married, you’re cheered on by your closest loved ones, and maybe some random bystanders passing the event.

Or maybe you’re on a boardwalk with the ocean waves as your background music. Or at your favorite diner where homemade cinnamon rolls are presented to your guests. Or at the local zoo where chimpanzees throw bananas in your honor.

These types of weddings come with a sense of adventure and lots of freedom! You get to pick and choose the elements you want to focus on, and celebrate with the people you’re closest to, at a location that means a lot to you and your significant other, at a low price tag.

It’s all completely customizable and significantly cheaper than the average wedding.

What Is Typically Included?

So what comes with a Pop-Up wedding? It depends on the company or wedding planner you hire, but usually you receive some variation of the below:

  • A choice of venue
  • An officiant
  • A photographer with edited images for you to print or download
  • Bouquets and/or boutonnieres 
  • A small number of guests (somewhere between 10 to 25 usually)

Then you have the option of adding extra details! 

Are flowers important to you? Your planner can arrange to have guests holding your favorites. Or maybe you want a mariachi band to serenade you as you walk down the aisle? Crave fancy invitations? Splurge on custom designs!

And while Pop-Up weddings typically account for only the wedding ceremony, lots of people also include a celebration afterwards. Maybe a picnic in the park or a fancy dinner at the couple’s favorite restaurant. 

Again, Pop-Up weddings are all about spontaneity, creativity, and being unique. It’s a chance to make your special day wholeheartedly your own! And to focus on the details that are important to you. 

What Does It Cost?

The average cost of a wedding in the United States is roughly $27,000.

With Pop-Up weddings, you pay a fraction of that cost, but you still get the memories and joy of a magical day. 

The amount you pay for this type of wedding varies based on the company or wedding planner you have arrange your event.

If you plan to do most of the organizing yourself, you may just be looking at the cost of renting a venue (should you want to rent a venue) and acquiring the goods (flowers, wedding license, photos, etc.). 

But if you want to have someone help plan your day or you want to purchase a pre-made package, costs typically range between $550 to $5000.

Curious about what a package may look at? Take a look at what Arrive Celebrations provides!

pop up wedding package
list of pop up wedding ideas

Is A Pop-Up Wedding For You?

Ultimately, the decision is yours! If you dream of having a large wedding, with lots of guests at a formal location, then a Pop-Up wedding is probably not for you.

These weddings are for those who want something simple. Something quick. Something creative. And something affordable.

And it’s usually for people who are okay with only a small amount of guests attending.

If you think a Pop-Up wedding is the choice for you, consider reaching out to us! We’d love to walk through some of your ideas and help you plan your dream day.